Enabling viable and valuable data & analytics transformations

TheMathCompany has been built ground up to enable data & analytics transformations. Our services offerings cover the entire gamut of possible needs that an organization looking to build or upgrade their analytics capabilities would require. With experience in building capabilities and solving a multitude of problems for various Fortune 500 organizations, our team is uniquely positioned to help organizations on their respective analytics journeys irrespective of where they are in them. At TheMathCompany, our objective is to make organizations derive value from their data in a sustainable and viable manner.

Our Value Proposition

Flexible in approach

Adaptive approach to the engagement design to account for uncertainties and changes

Focus on Enablement

Focus on building capability for clients and providing execution cover in the short term

Proven Track Record

Expertise in solving analytics problems across industries for 15+ years

A strong network for a smoother journey

Access to leaders of global in-house capability centres & authoritative influencers in the industry

Meet Our Team

Sayandeb Banerjee

Co-Founder & CEO

As the first employee of Mu Sigma and Head of Delivery, Sayandeb was responsible for building a team of over 5000 employees. In his 18 years of experience, he has played several roles like designing training, establishing hiring practices , innovation, marketing & communications.

Aditya Kumbakonam

Co-Founder & Head of Client Services

One of the first employees of Mu Sigma, and part of the leadership team, Aditya has worked extensively in the Retail, CPG & Telecom sectors over his 10+ years of analytics experience. Focusing on experimentation, he has played lead roles in fulfilment, products, talent strategy & training.

Anuj Krishna

Co-Founder & Head of Assets

Over his 10+ years with Mu Sigma, where he joined as one of the first employees, Anuj built sustainable teams across the Healthcare, Hospitality & Technology sectors. As part of the leadership, and the Head for US Northeast Region, he has shaped analytical strategies for multiple enterprises.