Setup of an advanced analytics center and an innovation lab for a multinational beverage corporation

A large multinational CPG corporation was interested in creating an exclusive global advanced analytics center. This would augment current research teams in the US and Europe to create a substantial estimated business impact by 2018 The dream was to create an innovation center that would consist of teams that would be capable of identifying and solving diverse problems for different business functions including supply chain, pricing, assortment and marketing analytics for business units across the world and push the boundaries on what was achievable using data science.

TheMathCompany got involved with the enterprise in the nascent stages of their journey into setting up a center and helped them:

  • Reduce talent acquisition time by 6 months with 40% savings
  • Improve brand image in colleges for recruiting high end talent
  • Create capability to solve a diverse set of problems
  • Build credibility through successful execution of proof of concepts
  • Helped source engagements from business units
  • Create a sustainable model for delivery while creating a culture of innovation


  • Building company's vision for analytics and charter for the center
  • Identifying value goals for the center over the mid and long term
  • Design of governance structure and sponsorship model to work across global business functions and global analytics teams
  • Identifying functions and roles for key stakeholders
  • Identifying short and mid term battlegrounds for tackling key problems


  • Providing mentorship for key capabilities and initial prototypes
  • Providing seed team for key capabilities for subsequent transfer at a later stage
  • Showcase capabilities internally to secure adoption of analytics through:
    • Function visit programs
    • Roadshows
    • Events
    • Whitepapers
  • Running operations at key moments


  • Hiring of key talent with reduced cycles
  • Learning program for employees by first acquiring knowledge and customization
  • Working with HR teams to provide the right employee engagement
  • Consulting with data and infrastructure teams to identify right platforms
  • Facilitating the right partnerships with universities, start-ups, corporates and vendors