An Associate of TheMathCompany is the face of the organization in our client engagements. As an associate, you will be responsible for a wide range of things [just to ensure you don’t get bored and always keep learning :)] We have listed a few of them below to help you get an idea:

  • Solving complicated business problems for organizations, leveraging conventional & new age data sources and a wide array of techniques
  • Liaising with the clients and stakeholders to understand their requirements, challenges etc. and keeping them up to date on the progress of our proposed solution
  • Staying connected to the Analytics industry trends- data, techniques, technology etc. and leveraging them to develop learning packages
  • Contributing to the hiring and learning programs- through interviews, sessions, content creations etc. based on the nature of the engagements
  • Building TheMathCompany. As a Startup that is on the growth trajectory, it would provide opportunities to design and execute initiatives that will help us in this endeavour

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE An Associate @ TheMathCompany?

We are looking out for people who share our passion for analytics and energy to build a great company. We have outlined few criteria that would make you successful in this role

  • Experience of working on analytics projects and initiatives, preferably around 2-5 years
  • Strong application knowledge on tools (R/SAS/Python/SPSS etc.) and techniques (Regression, Machine Learning, Classification, Time series etc.)
  • Passion to learn new technologies, techniques to stay ahead of the Analytics industry curve
  • Ability to do what it takes. We want you to be part of our growth story and this would entail roles and responsibilities that would be new, exciting and dynamic

So, based on what you have read do you believe you have what it takes to build TheMathCompany and analytics capabilities for Fortune 500 organization?

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