Our services are enabled through a combination of our developed assets and customized set of activities


the right strategy

What we do:
  • Assess the current state of analytics maturity across multiple dimensions
  • Assess skill gaps in analytics teams for given mandate
  • Design analytical strategy and create phased analytical roadmaps
  • Leadership workshops to help converge on analytical strategy
How we use:
  • MathQuotient - A proprietary assessment & recommendation framework

problems the right way

What we do:
  • Execute on identified projects
  • Manage key projects on priority
  • Support analytical leadership in managing the center
  • Create collateral for evangelization, operationalization & generalization
  • Run in-sourcing programs from existing vendors
How we use:
  • Axiom & Algorithm - Problem design and solution design frameworks
  • Problem valuation framework

and empower

What we do:
  • Conduct customized learning programs for practitioners and business with a focus on
    • Skills and Tools
    • Problem solving through projects
  • Source and screen talent and reduce hiring cycles
  • Help define retention strategy
  • Identify possible startup partners
  • Identify tech stack for analytics, visualization & operationalization
How we use:
  • Best in class talent lists at different levels of experience
  • Experiential Learning packages
  • Retention & Performance management framework