TheMathCompany – What we stand for

With a new website comes an opportunity to reflect on what makes us who we are. Please read on to find out the tenets that TheMathCompany is based on...

Hello visitor, welcome to the next iteration of our website. We hope that we have given you enough information to make that all important phone call/email and if not please do leave us your feedback at in either case.

We hope to bring to you thought provoking articles and blogs focused on analytics showcasing our wealth of experience in building analytics teams and setting up analytics as a function within organizations.

As a beginning, in our first blog, I wanted to bring focus to how we as TheMathCompany think about the work we do. Culture has been an oft discussed topic in business and management circles lately. We hear stories about organizations that are driven by culture, a VC funding a company based on their culture and organizations failing because of their culture. Though there is a lot of chatter, the nuances and actual workings of culture are lost in discussions. We, at TheMathCompany, want our body of work to represent our culture. We want every aspect of our organization – be it the employees working for our customers, the assets we build, the tools we create or even the collateral we show – to embody a certain way of working. This is based on a few key tenets with each one flowing into the next:

Work > Narrative

We live in a world where narrative has ended up becoming the core. There is a narrative in politics, a narrative to organizations and a narrative even for people. Social media and the ever present news cycles have made us focus on projection rather than reality. Reality itself has become a distorted word with alternate facts and even anti facts in vogue(more on this and the relation to data & analytics in a later blog). As practitioners and grafters,  we at MathCo. believe that the reality of good work cannot be denied its place. Narratives can stand for a period but good work always withstands the pressures of time.

Value > Valuation

Providing value to customers is paramount for us. The advent of huge sums of valuation for notional value as has been evidenced with many startups does not appeal. To ensure that we focus on the value we provide to customers, TheMathCompany has been bootstrapped from the beginning. Valuation in our minds follows the value we provide to customers on a consistent basis. Getting our model and our way of working right is critical to us.

Customization > Standardization

We understand that organizations are different. Different in their culture, the way they work, the industry they are in and – of relevance to us – the way they need to have analytics set up within their organization. For us to build truly world class analytics functions, we would need to go deep into the fabric of an organization and understand it to its core. We recognize that without standardization scale is not possible, but we want to ensure that standardization is done at the right abstract level to ensure there is great scope for customization.

Our website has been designed with these key tenets in mind. We want to remind ourselves that we are an earthy company focused on building value for customers consistently. Please do let us know what you think on the link mentioned above.

Until next time.