What we do

We empower individuals with expert intelligence, solving complex business and data problems through simple, human-centric, and scalable solutions. Our focus is on


Exploring the broad Math spectrum to build optimal solutions


Using our engineering prowess to extract and process data in the most accurate manner


Integrating human-centric Design to drive seamless solution consumption for individuals

Strategy and Translation

Tackling unprecedented situations before they become problems

Comprehensive Execution/Data Strategy

Creating strategies that align with your business goals

Rapid Response

Generating timely intelligence to tap into the right opportunities at the right time

Solution Design

Designing direct and actionable solutions to resolve complex problems

Enhanced Consumption

Driving easy adoption of solutions across the organization to drive value

How we do it

A nuanced combination of Math + Engineering + Design is our equation to successful customer engagements, where we

Put people at the heart of all we do, to humanize solutions. We

  • Build strong relationships with trust
  • Go beyond expectations
  • Simplify analytics for you

We believe in expertise-driven, end-to-end solutions to simplify decision-making. We,

  • Possess keen domain knowhow across the analytics value chain
  • Use a glass box approach to build trust
  • Uncomplicate the entire analytics journey for you

Our deep understanding of your business context, with our expertise in Math + Engineering + Design, makes us the best problem solvers. We,

  • Uncover problem areas and build highly nuanced solutions
  • Bring thought leadership to our engagements while offering end-to-end expertise
  • Strive to build the best solutions in the market

We proactively codify expertise to deliver solutions fast through Co.dx, our proprietary AI master engine. We,

  • Uncover new problems and innovate on traditional approaches to create proprietary accelerators
  • Deliver solutions fast and efficiently thereby reducing overall cost

Accolades along the way

"Major Contender" in "Analytics and AI Services Specialists PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021"

Named India’s # 2 Growth Champion for 2021 by ET and Statista

Ranked as one of the fastest growing technology companies in India by Deloitte TechFast50 Award of 2019 & 2020

Recognized as ‘Innovator’ by NASSCOM AI Gamechangers in 2021