TheMathCompany is an Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning firm that helps organizations transform intelligence, create demonstrated value and makes them analytically self-sufficient. We are changing the way organizations go about enterprise-wide transformations, by defining and executing comprehensive and robust analytics strategies.

Founded in September 2016 by industry leaders, Sayandeb Banerjee, Aditya Kumbakonam, and Anuj Krishna, TheMathCompany employs over 300+ data scientists, data engineers, and visualization experts. We work with over 30+ Fortune 500 clients from industries like CPG, Retail, Insurance, and Banking, across the US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe, and the Middle East, and have been recognized as one of the fastest growing start-ups in the world.

With a holistic range of services across data engineering, data science, and solution deployment, we are consistently disrupting the analytics services and product space. We help organizations design analytical roadmaps, solve complex business problems end-to-end, build Centers of Excellence and organize enterprise-wide learning programs.



Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Visualization Experts



Fortune 500/equivalent clients







Our Team

Co-Founder & CEO
Co-founder and Head of Client Services, Delivery
Co-Founder & Head of Assets

Behind the scenes

We are experts in data engineering, data science, and visualization and are always looking to adapt to the fast-changing analytics landscape.

Here’s what we do to always be on top of the game

TheMathCompany Data Engineering Services


Getting the best to do the best

We’ve formulated customized onboarding programs based on experience-level of our new candidates. In addition to skill-sets and domain programs, this step enables new joinees to seamlessly integrate with our work culture.

TheMathCompany Data Science Experts

Expertise Development Programs

Honing skills for precise results

Our internal training endeavors employ cutting-edge tools, platforms, and techniques. Our guided learning programs are flexible and self-paced so that our folks can take it up at home too!

TheMathCompany Data Culture

Our culture

Mixing fun and work to build the future of analytics

TheMathCompany’s definitions of culture and ethos are built on the following principles:

Work as a baseline to Narrative

As practitioners, we believe that good work is our core. A narrative about good work done has a base that is unshakeable and provides much greater value. We believe that without good work a narrative is meaningless.

Value as a means to Valuation

We were bootstrapped for a long time to ensure that we focus on the value we provide to our customers. We strive to deliver value on a consistent basis and any validation we subsequently receive is a recognition of our ability to achieve the same with our customers.

Standardization as a means to Customization

Every client has unique needs, and for us to build world-class data capabilities, we need to understand the very fabric of their ecosystems. We do this by ensuring optimum standardization, allowing us to scale, yet leaving enough and more room for customization. Our partnerships are driven by flexibility and adaptability to offer tailor-made solutions unique to our clients’ organizations.

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TheMathCompany Analytics Culture Transformation

Our mission

To enable viable and valuable data and analytics transformations.

TheMathCompany Data Science Experts

Our Vision

To create insight-driven ecosystems—making all our customers self-sufficient, helping them leverage data science for best possible business outcomes.

The partners we count on

Based out of Turkey, Accelera is a leading data science and advanced analytics technology and services provider. The company boasts a strong interdisciplinary team with sturdy ties in universities and pioneering businesses.

Stark Impact is a digital solutions and consulting services firm based out of Germany and India. The company brings advanced analytics, business intelligence, and data management under one roof.

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