About Us

We help organizations build or upgrade their in-house analytics centers. We are transforming the way organizations define and execute their analytics strategy while enabling them to develop their capabilities. With experience in building analytics capabilities and solving a multitude of problems for various Fortune 500 companies across multiple verticals including Retail, Banking, Insurance and Pharmaceuticals, we are uniquely positioned for analytics capability building.

value proposition

Focus on in-house capabilities

proven cost and time savings


varied models based on needs

Access to ecosystem

key partnerships & analytics community

Our founding team consists of a group of people who were:

  • Responsible for building 30+ analytics capabilities across multiple verticals
  • Interfacing with CXOs of 100+ fortune 500 enterprises
  • Running operations including training, hiring, delivery and innovation of a 5,000 member delivery unit
  • Instrumental in building 30+ centers of excellence across the world