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At TheMathCompany, people are at the heart of all our endeavors

We place the ambition of our people at the core of how we think, work, and achieve. While we work as a team, we do not forget that we are a collective of diverse individuals. At TheMathCompany, we work staunchly towards providing opportunities that foster and accelerate your individual growth. Whether you want to be a leading Data Scientist or UI Designer, we offer you the platform to pursue your dreams.

Inspired people inspire others.

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Our Culture

Explore our community, where people with a shared passion for rapid problem-solving come together. Learn, ideate, and foster these values with the best minds in the field.

Individuals Matter

We know that people in all their uniqueness are driven and motivated in equally unique ways. Whether it is our clients with their multiple business complexities and goals or our employees who have their own challenges and ambitions, we embrace individuality to bring out the best in everyone.

Elevated Experiences

As an organization, we have successfully created lasting impressions on our customers and our employees through various touchpoints. It has always been our endeavor to elevate their experiences through our thought and action, thereby bringing them closer to success.

Ambition and Hunger

We have always been ambitious in our outlook of where we want to go as a company, ambitious in what we can achieve, and ambitious to be the best problem solvers. Keeping in line with this spirit, we help our employees achieve their individual goals and have created mechanisms and processes to assess and facilitate this.

Simplicity Above All

We strive to bring clarity and transparency to our people, to ensure that there is no room for confusion. Our flat-hierarchy, open-door, no-cabin policy approach helps reiterate that the simplest of processes can help fuel the culture we wish to create at the workplace. Learning should be made easy. Growing should be made easy. It is as simple as that.

Building Meaningful Relationships

We care. We care a lot. We believe that our relationships have led us to where we are now. In a world that is more transactional today, we constantly strive to build deep and meaningful associations. This ability to forge strong bonds is our differentiator.

Make things happen at Speed

Speed is a defining factor of our times. Our customers care about getting things done fast. And we think no different. With cutting-edge tools, technologies, expertise, and knowledge at our disposal, we always aim to get things done at speed.

We strive to create a nurturing environment where employees get the opportunity to grow their careers and feel a powerful sense of belonging in the workplace. To enable this, we ensure that our efforts are consistent, and any changes needed to our existing processes are undertaken swiftly and efficiently.

Our People advocacy

Our People Success Organization (PSO), which upholds People Advocacy, is a testament to a thriving people-centric culture at TheMathCompany. PSO is dedicated to ensuring that we deliver an enriching employee experience for all, as we strive to bring out the best in our people and foster a culture of connectedness and inclusivity. The primary goal is to create a personalized and enjoyable workplace for all our teams around the globe. PSO facilitates continuous development, assures progress, and elevates overall employee wellness through engaging and collaborative activities all year long.

How We Co.ach

Learning, upskilling, and educating are ingrained in our DNA. We believe that growth and success hinge on the 360-degree development of our people. Co.ach, our in-house growth accelerator, helps you explore and tap into relevant opportunities and empowers you to upskill using industry-focused training tools, created by our analytics experts. We bring you certified training programs on latest industry trends, cutting-edge technology, and innovative AI tools facilitated by our learning management system (LMS) and SMEs, to help you accelerate your career. Our programs are also crafted to bring something exciting for visual-, self-aware -, and collaborative-learners.

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"Major Contender" in "Analytics and AI Services Specialists PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021"

Named India’s # 2 Growth Champion for 2021 by ET and Statista

Ranked as one of the fastest growing technology companies in India by Deloitte TechFast50 Award of 2019 & 2020

Recognized as ‘Innovator’ by NASSCOM AI Gamechangers in 2021


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