A 30% increase in overall Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Scores in a span of 12 months.

10% increase in Airline’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) within a span of 18 months.


An airline that has been consistently rated among the ‘Best Airlines in the World’ for decades, had delivering impeccable Customer Experience at the core of the business model. In their constant pursuit to delight customers, the airline wanted to improve the overall flight experience for passengers by analyzing the voice of customers.

The Airline’s crew operations team was primarily responsible of ensuring that customers have a seamless experience. However, they realized that certain routes received low/negative feedback with respect to baggage handling and crew experience. This affected their Customer Satisfaction Score and the Net Promoter Score, both of which are metrics that track the success of their Customer Experience Initiatives.

The idea was that feedback directed towards crew interactions can be leveraged to improve overall CSAT and the Airline’s Crew Operations team wanted to identify opportunities to improve NPS and ensure that they proactively address customer concerns.


TheMathCompany partnered with the airline to categorize feedback, analyze factors leading to low customer satisfaction and the interaction between the factors.


Customer Experience, being an essential KPI for the Airline Industry, needs to be monitored frequently. A dashboard runs live with performance indicators around NPS, CSAT, focus routes, incentive list, top concern area, etc. The active feedback loop on customer concerns helped bridge the gap and ensured our client was a highly preferred carrier in the industry.

Here were some of the findings:

Certain crew-related feedback could be attributed to the routes passengers travelled rather than the service.

Consistent feedback on delayed flights drove a delay prediction exercise to alert ops teams beforehand.

The scoring mechanism was modified to weigh the effect of certain routes with more liberal and regular feedback.

Crew with consistently good feedback were incentivized whereas crew with regularly pointed complaints were retrained to course-correct.

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