A Global Beverage Conglomerate Reduced Experiment Design Time by 50% Using a Test & Learn Tool

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Custom AI Application

Test & Learn Tool

Empowering Businesses, with Simplified Decisions

The custom Test & Learn Tool helped the client fully automate their previously manual experiment design. Highly complex steps such as hypotheses testing, splitting, scheduling, and measuring stats could now be run in a few simple clicks. As a result, manual resources could now be utilized in more decisive tasks such as keying in experiment-related inputs, interfacing with retailers, and analyzing test results, allowing for better resource utilization and reduced time-to-insights.

The tool also helped the client record a 50% reduction in time taken to design experiments. The client was able to achieve this through the tool’s data pre-processing, multiple test scheduling, experiment performance reporting, and intelligent learning features.

This tool is now being scaled globally for the client’s test and learn initiatives. Besides eliminating bias, ambiguity, and errors in hypothesis, its direct strategic impact is its ability to help users experiment with several marketing techniques to identify the one that most successfully accomplishes their business goals.

The custom application is also an outlier in self-service analytics – more about decisions than insights. Teams can now deep dive into each metric, category, or region to instantly evaluate enormous data sets; take targeted action by determining which customers or locations will identify best with each marketing initiative; and improve long-term campaign performance.


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