A Leading Biopharmaceutical Company Quantified the Impact of Patient Support Tactics Using an Advanced Impact Measurement Framework

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Custom AI Application

Impact Measurement Framework

Section 4: Empowering Clients, through Simplified Decisions

TheMathCompany created an exhaustive patient 360 ADS and custom ML modelling tool to enhance multiple patient-related explorations and fulfil the client’s objectives of assessing the impact of their PSP tactics on patient therapy behavior. The tool streamlined the impact measurement process across multiple brands and therapeutic areas, helping the global firm identify the impact of various PSP tactics on patient therapy behavior as measured through patient persistence and adherence. Launching and utilizing the solution resulted in the client gaining data-driven assessments of the impact of different PSP tactics on patient experience, providing strategic insight that supported investment allocation.

All outputs were based on clean, transformed data that had undergone exploratory analyses using the parameters and methods selected by end users and were presented in an easily consumable format. The user-friendly and intuitive capability of the tool also enabled the client to perform advanced end-to-end ML modeling at scale. The model-building capability along with its modularized building blocks were purposefully created in such a way that they could scaled across multiple drugs and therapeutic areas and be repurposed for similar problem statements in the future.



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