A Leading Pharmaceutical Company Increased Patient Adoption by 80% by Using a Site Identification Tool






Site Identification Tool

  • The solutions enabled the clinical projects team to have a focused set of sites for the team to assess and negotiate against
  • This resulted in higher adoption of patients; up to 80%. This led to more effective clinical trials.

The US-based pharmaceutical company wanted to understand the course of rare genetic disorders that affect the brain. The study was to gain a better understanding of the progression of the disease being studied and the effect of interventions. Previously, only 45% of the identified sites were able to recruit close to the projected patient volumes. The company therefore had trial costs crossing the stipulated budgets significantly owing to higher cycle times, and projected enrolment rates not being hit.

  • The tool mandated the clinical project management team to think about various aspects which were previously ignored
  • Every input was then ranked and weighed by the CPM to arrive at a set of valid sites for the clinical study
  • A feature store comprising of several internal and external data elements aided in a more holistic study of the sites to determine opportunities
  • A Linear Programming (LP) Model based optimizer taking inputs including incidence rates, prevalence, key site, location, staff parameters, business constraints, study goals, enabled in the identification of multi-tiered sites optimized to stipulated criteria.
  • The optimizer model feeds as an input to a simulation tool that stakeholders can use to create a site portfolio for the study

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