A Premier Casino Chain Harnessed Analytics To Enjoy Higher Patron Engagement & Returns, With Over 85% Accuracy






Suite of Smart Tableau Dashboards

By using ML, the sales and marketing teams were able to identify high-value patrons who are not likely to make a trip or at a risk of spending lower than usual, patrons who display unusual play behaviour and needed special engagement such as Decliners, Lapsed and Potential Upgrade to next card tier, and accordingly provide comps and offers.

Live-tracking of patrons on the casino floor, alongside alerting hosts of any high-value patron activity for real-time targeting opportunities

Customized targeting of patrons with the right offers helped to improve customer retention and significantly increased play behaviour

The business now has an automated one-stop-shop where all levels from the CEO to analysts have access to up to date KPIs through prompt push notifications sent via email. The unified portal also helps track performance across 8 business functions through intuitive and executive-friendly visualizations

A casino hotel chain in APAC, wanted to increase patron attendance through targeted promotions and on-floor patron engagement and activity for greater returns. It also wanted to tap into critical business intelligence data to get better insights on performance across functions.

We transformed business decision-making for the casino hotel by leveraging machine learning to perform customized patron targeting and gain real-time insights on patron activity at the casino. Furthermore, the BI data was consolidated, analysed and presented through smart visualisations and prompt notifications on KPIs to help the business always stay at the top of the game.

Most casinos tag false customers as highly profitable, especially in cases where the relationship-marketing format is dominant. TheMathCompany helped set up end-to-end targeting system, including a suite of models, to accurately forecast customer behaviour and identify and focus on the most profitable customers.

Sourcing data: Set up data pipelines and ETL jobs required to source data from existing data warehouses into a high-performance analytical data mart for both real-time and batch data.

Creating an analytical framework: Developed a patron targeting framework that uses ML models and business inputs to prioritize patrons, targeted based on their likelihood to play- up/down and value, and optimize the ROI

Custom-made tableau dashboards: over 200 BI reports across 8 business functions to develop a suite of smart Tableau dashboards that track performance and trigger automated email alerts based on historic and real-time data.

Machine Learning Solutions:

  • Worked on creating a set of customer behaviors that can be altered through host interventions
  • Deployed a model management mechanism on Big data to track and diagnose models on from time to time
  • Devised a framework gave hosts an action plan and helped track host interventions through monthly target enlisting
  • Marketers given the choice to pick the right target customer mix, in accordance with their short- term and long-term business goals

Visualizations on Tableau:

  • Understood the requirements from different Business Units and identified the key metrics
  • Created mock visualisations and finalized the structure with the Business
  • Built final dashboards to provide insights for Executive Team as well as to help analyst deep-dive into the numbers
  • Built Mobile or Tablet version of the dashboards also to provide ease of use and to provide quick high level insights to the executives

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