Assortment Planning Tool






Assortment Planning Tool

CPG companies require assortment planning to optimize their product offerings and ensure they have the right mix of products to meet consumer demands and preferences. Having the right assortment mix can maximize revenue and prevent the wastage of resources. However, most CPG companies rely on spreadsheets and siloed tools.

The client, a global CPG company, had strategists and managers dedicated to assortment planning. However, their employees used spreadsheets and relied on traditional and non-customizable tools. The client requested the development of a tool tailored to their needs that would take the role of an all-in-one platform for all things related to assortment planning and optimization. 

  • Unified assortment planning into a one-stop solution or tool with version-controlling capability​ 
  • Simulated the impact of SKU conversions within and across brands 
  • Integrated metrics and functions to easily measure demand transference and product cannibalization 
  • Delivered a detailed view of competitors and their impact on products

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