Boosted Retailer’s Revenue Through Effective Customer Segmentation and Promotional Affinity Analysis






Promotional Affinity Analysis Framework

Identified customer segments for whom targeted offers were recommended and validated the efficacy of the existing CRM targeting schema

Boosted annual revenue through targeted promotions

A large apparel retailer, focused on the tween consumer market, wanted to understand the behavioral traits of the target group to make informed promotional pricing decisions for each segment. Majority of the customers churned out quickly or had limited data points which posed a challenge during the process of customer segmentation.

TheMathCompany teamed up with the retailer to cluster the customers into different segments based on their purchase behavior and spending capacities, to conduct an effective promotional affinity analysis of different customer segments.

Households were clustered into segments like bargain hunters, frequent buyers etc. based on purchase behavior metrics such as visits, spending, discounted items purchased etc.

The affinity for 76 offers was analyzed from 5 direct mailer campaigns; the effectiveness for each customer segmentation was determined based on the response rate and revenue lift using a test and control approach

Promotion recommendations were implemented for customers in various segments, in addition to testing promising promotions that were not offered historically

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