A Renowned Tech Giant Reduced the Time to Find Customer Service Hotspots from 4 Days to 1 Hour with a Hotspot Identification Platform

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Hotspot Identification Platform

Empowering Clients through Simplified Decisions

The client was able to completely automate their manual hotspot identification procedure thanks to our custom-made hotspot analytics solution. Highly complex steps in the process such as assigning KPI benchmarks based on historical data; identifying, clustering, and prioritizing hotspots; as well as identifying hotspot drivers; could now be done with a few clicks. This allowed for better resource utilization and reduced time-to-insights.

With TheMathCompany’s custom-made tool, the client was able to identify hotspots in a matter of minutes as opposed to days. This was possible through the tool’s data pre-processing, experiment performance reporting, iterative feedback incorporation, and smart algorithms. Feedback and insights from each iterative phase were documented and recorded for future use. Additionally, persona-based screens allow for the insights displayed to be customized according to the user’s requirements and level of management.

The system is currently being deployed globally for the client company's customer support services as the algorithm that underpins it can be simply adjusted to meet any industry and KPI. Users may now perform a deep dive into each KPI, category, or geographic area to swiftly evaluate large amounts of data, obtain strategic remediation plans, and take informed action by establishing which hotspot clusters are most affected by each KPI. Therefore, instead of expending resources on manually identifying problems, businesses can now focus on finding and implementing solutions for problem-solving and customer support optimization.


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