Enabled A Personal Care Giant to Save $ 500K Year-on-Year Using a Forecasting Tool






Category Planning & Forecasting Tool

The client was able to achieve savings of approximately $500K year-on-year by replacing their off-the-shelf model with a customized solution. 

  • The new model offered increased accuracy by 5–8% in comparison with the previous model.
  • Built customized solutions for 40+ categories, in 50% less time (build TAT reduced from 4 to 2 months) with Co.dx’s pre-built blueprints. The forecasting application was also speedily optimized to scale utility across geographies and product lines.

A multinational personal care brand based in North America wanted to generate long-term forecasts for 30+ categories of products across their US and Canada geographies. They wanted to replace their previous off-the-shelf forecasting tool, a black box model offering limited control over customization, with a model that would be transparent, customizable, intuitive, and which would better integrate business judgments and technical outputs. The business also wanted to examine the impact of COVID-19 on their sales and incorporate the data into their long-term category forecasts.

In addition, they wanted to build an advanced analytics application that could address the following key questions:

Long-term Forecasts: What are the base forecasts for the next five years?

Driver Analysis: What factors drive changes in demand each year and how can assumptions regarding these drivers be made more accurate?

Simulation Dashboard: How can forecast dashboards incorporate individual judgement and simulations be created based on each input by a category manager/business executive?

We interviewed 15+ stakeholders and undertook extensive market research to identify all the factors influencing categories and their estimated impact. Co.dx’s configuration capabilities enabled us to quickly generate a customized product prototype to meet the client’s specific needs, and a top-down approach was employed to ensure the elimination of bias on data available. The impact of COVID-19 was accounted for in the model, and the magnitude and trend of the forecasts of all drivers, volume, and price were fine-tuned. The weightage of each driver on volume was accurately aligned with business expectations.

The following functionalities were incorporated into the forecasting model after extensive interviews with category managers and business executives. Co.dx’s pre-built modules also ensured that the solution was customized during each step of the process:

1) Long-term Forecasts: The base demand forecasts that were to be included in the model were carefully considered and finalized after extensive research, with 6–7 different criteria selected. The dashboard allowed for the generation of forecasts for the next five years.