Helped A CPG Giant Build A Sustainable Global Advanced Analytics Center & Create A $300 Million Value Impact






Advanced Analytics Center

Reduced talent acquisition time by 6 months with 40% cost savings

Built credibility through successful execution of proof of concepts and sourced engagements with impact worth $300 million in a 4-month period

Built a sustainable global delivery system while fostering a culture of innovation

A multinational CPG giant was keen on building an exclusive global advanced analytics center. The focus was to house data and analytics teams in an innovation center, who would solve diverse problems in the areas of supply chain, pricing, assortment and marketing analytics for business units across the world. This required setting up dedicated analytics teams, processes and a governance structure, while developing in-house analytics capabilities to enable full-fledged independent analytics operations.

Conventional analytics engagements only address the problem-solving lifecycle, leading to a dependency on the vendor and knowledge loss for the client organization. TheMathCompany assisted the CPG company in gradually building its analytics capabilities. We created transition assets during the course of the analytics engagement to reduce dependency on people, capture different stages of the project lifecycle and enable a seamless transfer of operations. We also helped the organization to setup dedicated analytics teams, trained the professionals, and designed efficient processes to enable independent and sustainable analytics operations.

Planning and leveraging data: Charted an analytics vision, comprehensive roadmap and execution plan for the CPG company. Discharged initiatives to improve the brand image in university campuses and support talent acquisition. Leveraged proprietary databases to accelerate the acquisition of 130+ data scientists.

Training in-house talent: Helped the CPG company to develop robust analytics capabilities by handholding teams so they could solve a diverse set of problems across business functions. Trained in-house analytics teams in 15-20 modules that included design thinking, domain knowledge, technical & statistical skills, and problem solving.

Setting up processes: Set up end-to-end processes such as analytics governance, global delivery framework, analytics program management, measurement, among others, to enable full-fledged seamless analytical operations.

Driving external branding and enabling accelerators: Identified the right external relationships for speedy execution of capabilities. Introduced seed teams for certain capabilities such as Forecasting, Pricing Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, Exploratory Analytics and HR Analytics to ensure long-term inculcation of best practices and quick success.

Enabling a thorough transition: Fostered an innovation-driven culture by engaging teams in next-gen problems, interesting start up and academic interactions and building reusable assets/prototypes.

Internal Evangelization: Showcased analytics capabilities through customer visit programs, roadshows, events and forums to encourage and evangelize analytics adoption across the organization, around the globe.

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