Helped a Leading CPG Company Appreciate a $15M Impact Through Smart PoS Mapping and Segmentation






PoS Mapping & Segmentation Tool

Delivered an overall impact of $15 million from PoS mapping and segmentation.

Identified influencer groups and specific customer cohorts based on PoS behaviour.

A leading beverage and brewing company had little to no engagement with customers, as its products were predominantly sold through retailers across the globe. The brewing company wanted to gain insights on consumer behaviour to improve product line-up and its marketing efficacy.

TheMathCompany carried out extensive PoS mapping and segmentation to identify unmet market opportunities, streamline the service design as per PoS requirements, create differentiated customer-centric experiences, assign resources for greater profitability and optimize cost-to-serve spending.

The client wished to gain insights on consumer behaviour, and utilize it to improve product offering and marketing effectiveness. Here is a detailed explanation of the solution implemented:

The PoS universe was mapped by analyzing data from multiple input sources such as Google, Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, Zomato & Internal Databases etc., through proven methodologies. Our experience in working with 3rd party vendors helped to gather data on market consumption, sales etc.

A social media framework was utilised to tie data with PoS, and to gain a holistic view of customer behaviour. Our ready-to-use modules helped in segmenting and profiling customers based on specific characteristics and overall behaviour. We identified PoS segments, channels & sub-channels, and determined an influencer score for each PoS.

The existing sales volume information was used to build models for volume potential prediction specific to non-buyers. ML, Deep learning modules were used to determine scores for restaurants. The resulting insights and results were shared across BUs.

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