Implemented A Cultural Transformation To Drive Analytics Adoption






Customized Training Program

The program, with its relatability to audiences from all spheres of the business, garnered an audience from the youngest analysts all the way up to the CXOs of the organization, with over 3,000 certifications completed in a few months.

Nudging the analytics division so the data scientists have a better skill-set and enabling business users to become better consumers of analytics has led the organization to take its first step in analytical transformation, going from being intuition-driven to insight-driven.

One of the largest CPG companies co-headquartered in Europe wanted to transform itself from an intuition-driven organization to an insight-driven organization. A strategic shift in culture and mindset was required to make analytics an integral part of everyday work. With a 70,000 strong workforce, the organization faced the uphill task of upskilling people from varied backgrounds, roles and overall experience to become analytically savvy. The key challenge was to have a course content suited for all employees. An off-the-shelf solution, though scalable and easy to implement, was not ideal as it would not cater to the specific needs of the people nor was it contextualized enough to allow for easy adoption.

TheMathCompany partnered with the CPG giant to design a customized training program, which was delivered by data science practitioners. The adoption-focused foundation program was tailored to meet the training needs of the diverse and expansive workforce. TheMathCompany delved into understanding the subtlest nuances in work, culture, and the ecosystem to plan, execute, and manage the program. To accelerate program adoption rate, TheMathCompany prepared activation-ready communication packs which included standees, posters, customized emailers and digital banners, among others.

The key differentiator in the program was in the mode of delivery. With a combination of standard e-modules, customization was introduced in the form of live-virtual-classroom sessions (in addition to face-to-face workshops). This allowed for trainers to understand and connect with the audience and tweak details and examples, which helped drive the concept home.

To accelerate the analytics transformation journey, the in-house analytics division was upgraded, and additional courses were launched in Data Science, Data Expertise, Analytics Product Management, and Business Analytics. With a good understanding of analytics established, it was prudent to introduce ‘Foundation’ and ‘Practitioner’ levels to launch the analytics division into the world of advanced analytics.

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