A Leading CPG Organization Improved their Media ROI by 15% Using a Customized MMM Solution






Customized MMM Solution

  • The solution adopted helped the stakeholders to identify the major market trends and solve some of the key business problems at a brand level.  
  • This resulted in an improvement in the media ROI by ~15%.  
  • With the use of interactive dynamic dashboards, the stakeholders can now recognize pivotal problem areas and timely simulate the spending at a brand tactic level.  

A US-based CPG leader wanted to track their brand performance in terms of Return of Investment (ROI) and optimize their budget to maximize ROI.  

  • TheMathCompany developed an interactive dashboard and enabled media planning and optimization through a holistic MMM solution. 
  • Multiple inputs such as sales, price, distribution, media spending, and other promotion expenditures at a brand weekly granularity for minimum 2 years  
  • Analytical Data Sets were created from the various inputs through data processing and wrangling. Through MMM-focused Exploratory Data Analysis, business and data-driven hypotheses were generated and transformations were made for adstock and response curves based on the results.  
  • The transformed output was iterated through multiple techniques until validated by statistical and business sense, and the impact of various sales drivers was decomposed.  
  • Multiple tools such as Optimizing Media Mix and Simulating Media Mix were incorporated to optimize budgets to maximize ROIs subject to constraints, and to create and contrast various ‘What If’ scenarios.  
  • The resultant front-end dashboard features User Consumption Tool to enable regular MMM insights and provide real-time information across brands, for the entire portfolio.  
  • To tackle periodic interventions, the dashboard uses Simulator and Optimizer to generate “What If” scenarios and empower decision-making. 
  • The interactive dashboard thus allows the stakeholders to view previous performances and simulate future spending to identify the results, enabling them to plan the media budget effectively for the future.  

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