Optimizing Retail Media Network






Banner Pricing Tool

Retail media has emerged as a prominent player in the digital advertising space. According to a market forecast report, digital retail media ad spending in the US is projected to reach around USD 61.15 billion by 2024. With the increased integration of technology in retail environments, retail media networks (RMN) can enable contextually relevant ad placements, allowing advertisers to reach consumers easily. 

The client, an American multinational retail company with a large portfolio of brands, was looking to optimize its retail media campaigns. The company had an inbuilt RMN that ran onsite campaigns directly on the website, but the client was looking to improve its overall functionality.

  • Accurate onsite banner pricing recommendations
  • Improved user experience and optimized sales process
  • Maximized revenue generation from onsite banner campaigns
  • Reduced manual touchpoints 
  • End-to-end user flow for media pricing and reservation

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