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Trade Promo Optimization (TPO) is the process by which companies minimize their trade promo spending while maximizing the Return on Investment (ROI). TPO is essential for organizations to manage their overall expenditure and avoid promotional ventures that do not yield returns. 
Most companies engage in some form of TPO, but their capabilities and data maturity can vary widely. While many organizations still depend on siloed processes based on traditional methods, some employ more streamlined processes supported by analytics. However, more organizations are now trending towards ML-driven simulations and automation to optimize their processes.

The client company wanted to:
•    Efficiently evaluate the effects of different promotions run in the past.
•    Derive insights from successful promotions that will aid future ventures.
•    Forecast demand at a nuanced level to optimize promotional plans and streamline current business processes. 

•    Reduced time in evaluating promotions by an estimated 50% 
•    Provided an accurate understanding of key increment drivers to all stakeholders 
•    Increased accuracy of forecasts by an estimated 20%

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