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Why is Co.ach relevant in the current analytics landscape?

Today, a growing data economy & AI-first decision-making mindset has led to a booming demand in the analytics job market. The World Economic Forum says that nearly 96% of companies will look to hire staff to fill big data analytics roles by 2022. The world of analytics itself is undergoing a transformation of its own, requiting the need for upskilled talent, who can keep up with the industry’s ever-changing dynamics. While it is evident that there is a scarcity of talent. The talent demand gap widens given how the skillset expectations are ever-evolving & begs for continual, 360-degree training efforts. This is where Co.ach comes in.

What is Co.ach?

At TheMathCompany, we have a dedicated world-class growth accelerator cell - Co.ach, to help employees to upskill themselves across analytics disciplines. Our diverse training programs and modules are carefully curated to translate to real-world efforts in delivering result-oriented advanced analytics solutions.

How is Co.ach Any Different Than Your Usual Training Program?

Pitfalls of a Traditional Learning Setup

Lack of involvement
  • Onus on one group
  • Leadership absence
  • No input by Management
  • Lack of Reinforcement
  • Isolated function
  • Once a year program
  • No Investment
  • No Feedback collected
Theoretical & irrelevant
  • Limited courses
  • Obselete content
  • Theoretical assignments
Limited adoption
  • The Sessions are’nt engaging enough”
  • “Why should I attend?”
  • “ I can do it myself”
No upskilling
  • Negative sentiment gets generated
  • Wasted time, effort & money

Train the Co.ach Way

Need to have
  • Design & Execution by practitioners
  • Year-round programs & continuous feedback
Leadership buy-in
  • Sessions by Co-founders & Math CoE
  • Regular reinforcements by Managers & Leaders
Delivery centric content
  • Unconventional courses
  • State-of-the-art skillset
  • Value-driven evaluations
Engaged employees
  • Customzed modes to meet the learning style of different employees
  • Learning Leaderboard & continious feedback
Upskilled employees
  • Productive & engaged employees
  • Sustainable Learning Culture

For analysts, by analysts

There are many reasons why a traditional L&D setting fails in the case of analytics. We understand that to truly drive a data-first mindset, we need a different approach than a traditional training module. While upskilling and training activities are traditionally under the general purview of HR, ours is led by an analytics mindset. Here at MathCo., training is conceptualized, executed and owned by core analytics practitioners, who are well-versed with the ins and outs of their domains. This also allows for seamless intermingling with real-world applications of analytics, beyond theoretical knowhow.

Our training approach

Our analytics training philosophy is largely influenced by Progressivist and Constructivist student-centric philosophies. Training programs are focused on the student’s learning experience, with in-depth coverage of best industry practices, tools & technologies, problem-solving & solution design frameworks. Employees apply their training in various industry-specific problem statements and are better-positioned to solve real-world analytics problems for clients.

Learning modules, tailored to varied learning styles

We have distinct training modules for employees across levels to hone their skills and strengthen their problem-solving muscle. These range from fundamentals of statistics and data science algorithms, to solving case studies across industries and functions, developing full-stack skills, harnessing the latest tools & technology, infusing design thinking principles to humanize analytics solutions. Our training programs are also geared at catering to the varied learning styles and interests of individuals, whether it is the pace, format, topic, tools, future goals, project engagements, among others.

Driving meaning at all levels

How do we measure the learning?

  • Essentials

    Essentials training modules are undertaken by everyone across organizations, focused on fundamentals or building blocks of algorithms used in Data Science & Data Engineering, or cross-learnings through full-stack trainings. Essentials enable delivery teams with sharper knowhow of tools & technologies, for speedy project turnaround times.

  • EYH

    EYH is a training initiative to foster better problem solvers by exploring the scope of analytics, trends and practices across industries and functions, and more. The idea is to build and strengthen the problem-solving muscle across the organization and cater to naturally inquisitive learners who are eager to acquire domain knowledge. The training program is typically undertaken by engagement leads, so they are well-versed with domain knowhow to steer analytical projects in the right direction.

  • SME path badge of honor

    The SME Path initiative encourages employees to accomplish 4 milestones in their roadmap to becoming an SME, before they are awarded the coveted Badge of Honour. The gamified training approach is geared at encouraging more employees to become masters of their domains.

  • LYH

    LFH is an elective training program designed for intrinsically motivated employees who would like to upskill themselves in cutting edge tools & technology. The offline learning sessions allow employees to partake in self-study modules, in their own time, at their own pace. LFH training sessions have also motivated our folks to build innovative analytics solutions, from geo-spatial models to chatbots.

  • Graduates upskilling

    Our extensive graduate upskilling program is geared at accelerating the learning curve as students transition from university to organization, bringing them up-to-speed with hands-on projects and learnings, while honing their full-stack capabilities.

  • DIY

    DIY is an open-for-all training initiative, where employees can enrol for external courses of their choice, with courses entirely sponsored by TheMathCompany.

Training towards a full-stack future

Analytics – at its core – will always be about next-gen tools that enable problem-solving through data. However, mobilizing an analytics engine in an organization requires so much more than just building a data-centric solution. It is imperative that an analytics solution is easy to consume and has minimum adoption barriers, assuming the solution already checks the boxes of quality and accuracy. Even the best analytics solutions do not see the light of the day, when adoption barriers prove to be the weakest link. It’s only natural that the analytics landscape has broadened its purview to incorporate engineering to encourage higher consumption and analytics value.

At MathCo., we have expanded our capabilities across both data science and engineering to help our clients realize this value. While we have our in-house experts across domains, our employees are conversant with full-stack skills & tools needed to deliver a solution. Co.ach enables our employees to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing analytics landscape through dedicated full-stack trainings. Drawing from principles in the model of T-shaped skills, our teams have full-stack skillset forming the horizontal bar of T while we continue to nurture SMEs across domains. This leads to the ultimate ‘T-skilled’ expertise across the organization. The resulting solutions inherently support analytics consumption and garner meaningful business value.

Data has the answers

We measure the effectiveness of trainings by evaluating performance with our very own Competency Index. Co.ach is arguably the first training function of an organization that is data-driven and has been quantifying the learning each quarter, to track growth in competency at an organization level, through a Competency Index. Co.ach stands out, and more importantly delivers and measures training progress, in a crowded analytics upskilling market that has struggled to be effective over the years. We truly believe the numbers do the talking.

How Does Co.ach Measure the Efficacy of Training Programs?

Competency Index

“Measure twice, cut once" speaks of ideas of preparation and action. Acting without thinking can often turn into a disaster, and yet measurements are so often taken for granted that we sometimes do not appreciate the grand role it plays in our lives. The stock market index acts like a barometer which captures market conditions. The NPS measures customer experience and thereby brand loyalty. HDI measures a country’s overall achievement in its social and economic dimensions. To sum it up, all these indices help in gauging the general pattern of a quantity of interest. Even with respect to qualitative aspects, these indices offer insights through sorting, representation, comparison & reflection to nudge/guide appropriate actions.

At TheMathCompany, we’ve taken on an initiative, arguably the first of its kind, to measure upskilling of an organization, teams and individuals, from multiple vantage points, with what we call, the Competency Index. The Index evaluates learning on a quantitative basis, guides organizations in promoting top performers and identifying skill gaps in existing workforce that require training interventions. This makes way for a data-driven growth accelerator cell aligned with business operations and goals, through which organizations can nurture high-performance teams with relevant skillsets, over time.

To know more about the Competency Index, drop us an email at and watch this space for more.

Co.ach in a nutshell

  • Custom training programs catering to individual roles & levels

  • Real-World AI application focused training content & tests

  • Comprehensive sessions geared at domain mastery by expert analytics practitioners

  • Holistic training modules with full-stack and core analytics practice learnings

  • Smart competency index to evaluate org-wide training performance standards

Top Performers

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