/// Transforming Intuition driven organizations into Insight driven

World’s first adoption-focused Analytics learning program designed for P&L teams

The Problem

Adoption of analytics poses the biggest challenge to transformation across industries

Leading corporations seem to be failing in their efforts to become data-driven. 72% of Fortune 500 executives say they are yet to forge a data culture in their organizations

96 %

Identify people and process issues as the obstacle

24 %

Say they face cultural resistance for analytics adoption


Say their companies lacked the capabilities to develop deep, data-driven insights

What is Co.ach

CO.ACH is world’s first program focussed on forging analytics culture and mindset among business teams designed to make analytics relatable and accessible non-tech audience.


🟠  Initiates non-technical teams into the world of data analytics

🟠  Demystifies the jargons and buzz words

🟠  Provides a perspective on how your peers and competitors are leveraging analytics.. and what you should do about it

🟠  Custom-built for your industry and your organization, so you can lead with more confidence


You don’t need advance degrees in mathematics or tech to understand this course, all you need is curiosity and intent to learn.

Co.ach is for everybody

CO.ACH offers focused programs for different levels in the org, right from the analyst/entry level hires to the CXO’s

Outside-in perspective of how your industry is using analytics, what does the future hold and

what analytically-driven strategies you should adopt to thrive in the competition


How do you use analytics + design thinking as a tool to improve the effectiveness of your department?

How to choose the right projects/ investments? What to expect from them?


How can analytics support my workflow?

What are the new skillsets I should develop to be more valuable for the organization in the future?

Design of Co.ach

In person workshops
Gamified Booths
Experiential learning

What makes the Co.ach program unique?

Contextualized and Customized content
Perpetual License
Delivered by Practitioners
Activation Ready - Communication Pack
Multiple mode of delivery - In-person, webinars, byte-sized videos
End-to-end Program Management

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