Our Corporate Social Responsibiity Wing - Co.exist

Co.exist came to be in March 2019, when a bunch of volunteers at TheMathCompany who were keen on bringing about positive change in the world, decided to dedicate their time and efforts to make that happen.

What makes Co.exist different from any other CSR initiative is that we believe CSR efforts cannot be intermittent or standalone activities, rather long-term and sustainable – we do not rest on our laurels; We believe CSR activties don’t have to piggyback on huge donations but must rather revolve around spending time and effort; We believe that our initiatives should gradually move towards creating large-scale sustainable global impact. Our strong beliefs have paved the way for Co.exist’s Vision:

To stand up for the rights of others – humans or otherwise – and aim towards sustainable living To work towards any other relevant social cause to ultimately aid in bringing about positive societal and environmental change(s)

Since its inception, Co.exist has undertaken numerous initiatives, some within the boundaries of our own office and others outside – the common theme being, realigning our actions to support the sustainability of all beings that we Co.exist with.

Clean City Drive with TheUglyIndians Day in with rescues at Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre (CARE) Plantation drive with SayTrees Donation drive at Krishnashraya shelter home Co.exist believes in changing the world, one small initiative at a time!

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