Founding Principles - Genesis of TheMathCompany’s Culture

Analysts, data scientists, data engineers, visualization experts, consultants – be a part of the finest industry talent across the globe! Dive in and solve the toughest problems for Fortune 500 businesses hands-on, and watch it unfurl, impact lives and the greater society. Be a part of our growth story, work your way up the ladder, all the way up to leading engagements on your own. It all starts here

Work as a baseline to Narrative:

As practitioners, we believe that good work cannot be denied its place — elaborate narratives about good work cannot replace actual work done. We believe that our work does all the talking.

Value as a means to Valuation

We have been bootstrapping from the beginning to ensure that we focus on the value we provide to our customers. Valuation to us is what we deliver on a consistent basis. And optimizing our model and our way of working is vital to us

Standardization as a means to Customization:

Every client has unique needs, and for us to build world-class data capabilities, we need to understand the very fabric of their ecosystems.

Nourish Entrepreneurship – I experiment, fail fast and adapt

  • a. I ideate and act rapidly.
  • b. I rectify mistakes, unlearn and start over if required.
  • c. I deduce unarticulated needs, pre-empt issues, and deliver value.
  • d. I am ambitious for myself and my customers.

Believe in People – I care personally about the people I work with

  • a. I share my successes and failures with others.
  • b. I help my peers with their problems and seek help for mine.
  • c. I invest my time and effort in developing my fellow employees in MathCo.

Encourage Diversity – I respect and pursue diversity in all forms

  • a. I appreciate difference in opinions and am willing to learn from others.
  • b. I help my peers integrate with our culture

Strive for Mastery – I want to be the best at what I do

  • a. I constantly challenge myself to solve problems better and faster.
  • b. I set a high bar for quality of work delivered by myself and my peers.
  • c. I deliver good work fast.
  • d. I take my work to conclusion; I ensure my work is consumed and measure its impact.

Be Curious – I question, I listen, I seek clarity

  • a. I learn rapidly and eagerly.
  • b. I keep myself updated on what is happening around me – my customers, MathCo. and industry – and align my work accordingly.

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