How We Work with Your Ecosystem

There are many wheels that go into nurturing a well-oiled analytics machine in an organization.


TheMathCo. Ecosytem

People & Processes Aligned for Successful Analytics Solution Deployments

We focus on hiring and nurturing the smartest minds and the best talent in our ecosystem with Co.ach, our in-house growth accelerator. Through methodical trainings built around the highest standards of industry competency index, we ensure everyone is a master of their own domain and function before they take on your analytics engagements. This translates to reduced learning-on-the-job instances and accompanying time sinks, meaning faster and result-oriented deliveries.

Our team of 350+ core analytics practitioners in Data Engineering, Data Science, Visualization & UI/UX, Application Development and Consulting, support you at every step of the analytics value-chain. Combined with our nimble ecosystem that plays by a white-box development approach and agile processes, we help you to truly accelerate your analytics success story.



Our Proprietary ML Engine to Accelerate Building Contextual AI Assets

TheMathCompany has abstracted its learnings from thousands of AI problems solved for 100+ Fortune 500 organizations and developed solution blueprints for the most common ones, curating it all in a single proprietary platform – Co.dx. By codifying our learnings, knowledge and experience we are able to deliver contextual AI assets at great speed. Our expert consultants use these powerful and highly-evolved blueprints along with your data, in the unique context of your business to develop contextual AI products so you derive tangible value and ROI in no time. We make analytics deployments almost as easy as plug and play, with the same agility as a product, only with better flexibility and business context.

Your Business Ecosystem

Nurtured for Seamless Analytics Adoption & Mission-Critical Results

Our contextual AI assets are customized to your business needs. Whether it’s the data sources, processes or requirements – we key in business context as we design your exclusive contextual AI asset. We have proven analytics value frameworks in place to weave in our analytics solution into your existing ecosystem. From socialization across business teams and verticals, to standardizing process optimization protocols, conducting workshops and training to drive awareness and adoption, and more – we ensure analytics becomes a necessary part of your team’s everyday workings. Our strong track record in introducing cultural mindset shifts in teams, stems from our ability seamlessly drive analytics adoption and ingrain a data-driven culture.

We don’t just support your analytics efforts but nudge you towards growing analytical self-sufficient with a confident outlook, over time. We’re here to give you a true competitive analytics advantage.

Are you ready to make the best of the AI revolution?

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