Simplified data-driven solutions for all healthcare & life sciences’ problems

With digitization and automation taking the forefront in a post-pandemic setting, the healthcare & life sciences industry finds itself at a crucial point of innovation. With increasing focus to reduce cost and improve quality of care eventually leading to better patient outcomes, data and technology stands at the forefront of driving efficiencies through advanced analytics, AI and ML.

At TheMathCompany, we empower our clients through advanced analytics to find the best solutions and take advantage of the latest innovations transforming healthcare & improving lives every day. Through Co.dx and its inbuilt blueprints focusing on the healthcare industry, our clients are provided with simple, yet effective solutions built with constant improvements and scalability within and beyond the problems they approach us with. Our offerings are structured as follows


Insurers and Payers


Trade and Distribution


Within the above industry segments and sub-segments, our solutions focus on app building and impact measurement with the following business objectives:


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