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Co.dx is a powerful & secure platform that houses our extensive solution blueprints. Think of Co.dx as a kitchen where, blueprints provide the right recipe for your Analytics problems, which will be solved using ingredients (data) to fit your unique tastes (business context).

It is a powerhouse, that offers data scientists the analytical workflows of hundreds of business problems they would encounter in CPG, Retail, Technology, Insurance, Healthcare, Banking, Aviation and other industries, across 15+ functions, which continually self-learn and evolve. These blueprints are customized by our team of experts to account for the specific nuances of each business such as data, processes, outcome and so on. Much like the best- in-class analytics workbenches, it is pre-built with most of the algorithms a data scientist would need, with the flexibility to modify codes, alongside offering suggestions on visualizing results and developing pertinent insights. It has readily available business checklists and guidelines to derive the most value from analytics initiatives. In short, Co.dx doubles up as a powerful tool that handholds the project/product owner, data scientists and business analysts, to shorten the learning curve and maximize efficiency of analytics initiatives. With multiple contextual assets in your ecosystem that provide control and power to scale, get ready to maximize value and become self-sufficient? with your analytics needs.

Your Know-It-All Code Ninja


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