TheMathCompany Certified as Best Firm for Data Scientists by Analytics India Magazine

Bengaluru, January 10, 2023: The leading global data analytics and engineering firm, TheMathCompany has been recognized as the Best Firm for Data Scientists by Analytics India Magazine (AIM) in their recently launched certification program. TheMathCompany has been certified for creating elevated experiences for employees and nurturing an environment of growth and recognition among rapid-growth technology providers.

AIM is considered the gold standard for identifying great data science workplaces in India. This rigorous certification by AIM uses five parameters to evaluate each company: learning and support, productivity and engagement, benefits and well-being, rewarding excellence, and diversity and inclusion. The AIM certification considers a company’s benefits and programs, including health insurance, paid time off, compensation, and training and development.

91% of TheMathCompany’s employees responded positively to the survey, appreciating the health of the company’s workplace culture, policies, and initiatives. TheMathCompany’s career development programs and opportunities for team members provide an environment to learn, grow, and take pride in their work, especially with their recent association with a leading AI-driven LXP provider to host over 400 courses in more than seven different training modes while offering domain proficiency across 12+ industries. The company provides a dynamic and inclusive work environment to its employees across all global locations empowering them to succeed.

Sayandeb Banerjee, Co-founder and CEO, TheMathCompany said, “We have witnessed many changes during the last few years, but our vision to nurture an environment where our people can learn, grow, and thrive has remained constant. Being recognized by our own employees as an organization with a great workplace culture is an achievement that is not only humbling but also one that spurs us to continue this path of creating elevated experiences for our people. Continuous investment in our employees and a culture rooted in their development and well-being has led us to this significant milestone.”

Bhasker Gupta, Founder and CEO, Analytics India Magazine said, "TheMathCompany has seen significant growth for such a young company. Achieving this while maintaining high approval ratings demonstrates their leadership's dedication toward its employees. In the dynamic world of data science, their employee-centric company policies have created an exemplary work environment for their analytics professionals to grow and learn. With a shared goal of sustainably scaling the data ecosystem in India, we at AIM wish TheMathCompany continued success and hope other companies follow in their footsteps."

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