TheMathCompany is Hiring

TheMathCompany, a globally renowned data analytics and engineering firm headquartered in Illinois, is now hiring. Recently certified as the 'Best Firm for Data Scientists, the organization has grown to become one of the most rapidly expanding AI/ML start-ups in the world and is disrupting the sector by empowering businesses to make swift decisions. It is expanding its services across geographies and domains and is now hiring across levels for data science (across industries), data engineering (AWS, Azure, GCP), and product engineering (full stack, front-end, back-end).

With a global presence across 15+ locations, TheMathCompany has served more than 50 Fortune 500 or equivalent firms across 10+ industries, including healthcare, retail, CPG, and manufacturing. The company values a sense of community and promotes learning, innovation, and advancement among its diverse workforce of individuals. It is important for professionals to belong to a company where they feel a sense of belonging and can learn, work, innovate, and advance together. TheMathCompany boasts an impressive workforce of individuals from all backgrounds and disciplines with various goals and skill sets who work together to create this experience.

Read to know what Analytics India Magazine (AIM) has to say about MathCo's hiring:

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