TheMathCompany Partners with Women in Data to Drive Equitable Career Pathways

Chicago: TheMathCompany, an Illinois-headquartered leading global data analytics and engineering firm, announced its partnership with Women in Data, a global community with a mission to increase diversity in data careers. The partnership was announced at a roundtable organized jointly by Women in Data and AI Xecutive Council, an initiative by TheMathCompany.

The roundtable titled ‘Conversations For Change’ became the perfect opportunity to celebrate Women's History Month and International Women's Day. Speakers shared their perspectives on creating globally diverse and robust technology careers for women.

Sadie St. Lawrence, Founder & CEO, Women in Data and AIXC Member and the roundtable moderator, said, “I am thrilled about the partnership between MathCo and Women in Data (WiD). As the founder of WiD, I am eager to see the impact our combined efforts will have on increasing diversity and representation in the data industry. I look forward to the endless opportunities for growth and collaboration that this partnership brings, particularly in our APAC region.”

Marie-Estelle Carrasco, Global Head Data & Analytics, Danone and AIXC Member, said, “Inclusivity is key to innovation and the condition for better diversity. It shows the way out of the box. It ensures we develop for the sake of humans, not of platforms first. It grants a positive impact on people while aiming for business success. Women in Data can count on us, members of AIXC, to support and demonstrate the benefits of building inclusive teams and thinking in Data and Analytics, including gender diversity.”

Praveena Ravanavarapu, Senior Director, Data Engineering & Analytics, Dollar General and AIXC Member, said, “I am beyond excited about the partnership between MathCo and Women in Data (WiD). With only 20.4% of data scientists as women, this partnership will take that stat to a different level. Congratulations and cheers to many future achievements that this collaboration will bring home.”

Sayandeb Banerjee, Co-Founder & CEO, TheMathCompany and AIXC Member, said, “At TheMathCompany, we are passionate about creating a diverse and inclusive work culture. I am excited about the partnership with Women in Data that has the potential to strengthen our continued efforts in this direction. With this collaboration, we hope to drive real change and encourage more women to join the fast-growing data industry.”

This partnership will promote diversity and inclusion in the data and analytics space and enhance opportunities for women to enter the field, and build a fulfilling career. The approach to achieving this goal will involve conducting research, offering mentorship, and creating abundant career prospects across diverse levels and job functions at TheMathCompany.

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