Coefficient Episode 2: What does it mean to be a truly data-driven business? (Part 2)

This episode is the second part of the interview with TheMathCompany Co-founder & CEO Sayandeb Banerjee, where he talks about what it means to be a truly data-driven business.  

In the episode, Sayan talks about "softer” changes that are required for an enterprise that aims to become truly data driven—cultural shift, a change in organization structure, etc.  

Drawing from 25 years of experience working in this space and running a fast-growing company that strives to become more data-driven every day, Sayan’s first piece of advice for business leaders who are undertaking this journey: celebrate failures!  

He clarifies what we’re making a case against when we’re making a case for data-driven decision making and warns against blindly letting data dictate everything. 


You can read the full transcript of this episode here.

You can also find the video podcast on YouTube.

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